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Faith Edmondson, with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Augusta University, has worked in the private, education, and nonprofit sectors for over 15 years, fulfilling various roles, from Counselor to Assistant Director. In addition to writing, she enjoys teaching workshops on grant writing and doing presentations in the community related to grant funding. When not writing, she can often be found with her hands flying in American Sign Language as her family plays at the park. 


Ashley Ashe has a Bachelor's degree and over six years’ experience in English Education, utilizing her crafty wordsmanship as a contract Grant Writer in the nonprofit sector before co-founding Gateway. Marrying the son of a nonprofit director in 2011, Ashley saw first-hand the impact that organizations can have in their communities, as well as the need for nonprofit development and grant writing services. With two daughters under 2 years old, Ashley creatively manages work-life balance, using her back porch as both office and play area. 


Sarah Darr has a Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering and worked in the Fiber Optics Tech field before taking time off to raise four kids. A natural organizer with strong technical writing skills, she has a passion for helping organizations reach their goals through increased sustainability. Sarah has taken on several roles, from writer to tech guru, helping Gateway more efficiently serve our clients.​ (But we all know that she joined to have spending money at Disney.)

Jenna Morris has a Bachelor's in Health Education. She is currently completing a Masters degree in Public Health. She grew up along the U.S./Mexico Border and has lived in Augusta, Georgia, since 2018. She has expertise in GIS, statistical analysis, program planning and evaluation. She is passionate about special needs families, education, Veterans, and issues impacting the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

The newest member of our team, Lucie Jane Mulligan has a degree in design and marketing from the University of Minnesota, nearly ten years of experience in the fashion and event industries, as well as 5+ years planning and executing events in the small business, creative, and non-profit sectors. With a truly even left-vs-right-brain split, event planning and production were the perfect mix for her extensive creative and analytical skills. When not creating immersive experiences, you'll find her going on walks with her boyfriend and rescue pup, Piper, as well as checking out the new foodie spot. 


Email: admin@gatewaygrant.com

Office: 706-833-9529

Mailing Address: PO Box 1673

Waynesboro, GA 30830

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