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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Every spring golf fans and superstar players from all over the world flock to the Augusta area to watch or participate in the Masters Golf Tournament held at the Augusta National Golf Club. This historic tournament brings business to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) but also has a philanthropic impact on the community. The Masters donates funds that are managed by the Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area (CFCSRA) and are granted through the Community Grants Program to nonprofit organizations across five counties on both sides of the river: Richmond, Columbia, McDuffie, Burke, Aiken, Edgefield.

Recently I had the privilege of representing Gateway Grants at the Community Grants Program meeting hosted by the CFCSRA, held the last Monday and Thursday of June to familiarize applicants with the grant process and application. The new CFCSRA headquarters is located in the beautifully-restored Sutherland Mill building where they moved less than two weeks ago. The new space makes the best use of the original high windows and exposed brick of the Mill and is a treat to see if you get a chance.

What you need to know:

To be awarded funding from CFCSRA, eligible local organizations must submit a strong application and impress the volunteer panel with an enlightening site visit. All organizations will have to submit their applications by August 17th to be qualified for winning the 2019 grant. However, this year when a grant is submitted before July 19th, the CFCSRA will notify your organization if anything needs to be resubmitted or adjusted before the final deadline. A great incentive to submit early!

How it works:

Submitted applications will have to be approved by the Grants Committee before the panels receive applications. The volunteer panels will then arrange site visits or telephone interviews. Panels will rate each organization’s grant application and site visit on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score. Panel recommendations are almost always affirmed by the Board of Directors, but still the BOD will review the votes from the Grants Committee. After that, winners will receive written notification of the Grant Award, and a press release will recognize the winners. Checks will be mailed out by January 2019.

The biggest change this year is that organizations can only apply to one of the following four categories:

  1. Arts, Culture, History

  2. Education, Youth Enrichment

  3. Health, Environment

  4. People In Need

CFCSRA reduced the number of categories for this year to make room in the budget for a new initiative in early literacy for the area.

Rebecca Wallace, Director of Grants and Community Engagement of the CFCSRA, emphasized the importance of site visits during the meeting. Everyone is encouraged to prepare well for the site visit and keep in mind that the panel does not know everything about your organization, so communication is everything. In order to win the grant, the application must share knowledge clearly while the site visit will be the opportunity to share your organization’s heart and impact. Be sure the volunteer conducting the site tour has read the grant application and clearly understands it.

We are so thankful for the impact the CFCSRA has made on the community and look forward to seeing positive results as it continues to award grants to local organizations that make a difference for our area.

For more information or to apply for this grant go to:


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