Need to turn a great idea into a workable program? Or do you have specific program within your organization for which you are seeking grant funding? How does that program impact your target group and your community? How will you sustain the program beyond the life of the grant?


We will help you lay the foundation for a program that can be successful in reaching your goals and receiving funding by giving insight into what potential grantors are looking for in the selection process.

Gateway will:

  • Answer the question of how your program supports your mission

  • Develop a program/organizational flow chart with necessary positions

  • Outline target population and how your program impacts that population and the community at large

  • Determine if there are duplicate programs in your area

  • List out potential collaborative partners

  • Determine projected program needs and related costs

  • Create options for a program name that catches attention and reflects the heart of the program

  • Determine how you will sustain your program beyond the life of the grant

  • Determine how your program will generate income


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