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Helping you find your direction is VITAL. Is your organization sustainable? Does your organization have a method to prove measurable impact? Does your organization have a consistent source of revenue?


All these questions, and more, are imperative when evaluating your organization’s competitiveness in the grant-seeking world. During our Ready... Set... GROW! Session, we will determine your organization’s strengths and areas of opportunity, and we will work with you to position your organization to win grants!


Gateway will:

  • Learn the heart of your organization and how we can convey that to others

  • Walk through a step by step checklist of necessary components for sustainability

  • Determine strengths and areas of opportunity

  • Develop a plan of action with Gateway

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Is your program making a difference? How can you prove that? Do you have measurement tools in place to prove its effectiveness? How can you improve your impact?

In order to compete for funding, your organization must have goals and objectives related to the impact you seek to make, systems for collecting data, and a clear narrative of analysis. Within our Outcomes and Measures Development, we help you set measurable objectives and will evaluate your current measuring tools, or we will assist you in designing more effective measuring tools for you to demonstrate your program’s outcome.

Gateway will:

  • Work with you to determine a long-term impact goal

  • Evaluate current objectives or develop new objectives with time frames

  • Create a narrative for actionable steps to bring about change with your program

  • Identify the methods of measuring your progress toward your stated objectives

  • Develop tools of measurements if needed

  • Develop a tracking system for how to collect and manage your data

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Need to turn a great idea into a workable program? Or do you have specific program within your organization for which you are seeking grant funding? How does that program impact your target group and your community? How will you sustain the program beyond the life of the grant?


We will help you lay the foundation for a program that can be successful in reaching your goals and receiving funding by giving insight into what potential grantors are looking for in the selection process.

Gateway will:

  • Answer the question of how your program supports your mission

  • Develop a program/organizational flow chart with necessary positions

  • Outline target population and how your program impacts that population and the community at large

  • Determine if there are duplicate programs in your area

  • List out potential collaborative partners

  • Determine projected program needs and related costs

  • Create options for a program name that catches attention and reflects the heart of the program

  • Determine how you will sustain your program beyond the life of the grant

  • Determine how your program will generate income

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Does your organization need assistance finding potential funders? Do you know where to look? Is the research overwhelming? Do you have a grant schedule in place?


One of the most important but also most difficult steps in applying for grants is finding the best matches in potential funders. At Gateway Grant Services, we believe in maximizing our time by only applying to the grants you have the best chances of winning within your organization’s field of interest. Let us do the research for you, and we will provide a binder that contains the best potential funders, organized by the strength of the match, and all necessary information.


Gateway will:

  • Conduct necessary research through subscription databases to determine best potential funders (public and private foundations, corporations, government grants)

  • Create a binder that contains the best potential funders and all their necessary information

  • Coach you on contacting potential funders

  • Create and maintain a grant schedule that contains all potential funders

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Has your organization already found a grant to fund your program but needs help writing the actual grant proposal? Have you already written the proposal and desire assistance in ensuring it’s aligned to the requirements of the funder?

A grant writer is like an artist painting a detailed picture of what you do. At this stage in the process, your organization has the opportunity to showcase to potential funders the positive impacts it has made in the community.  Let Gateway write a proposal, or edit an existing proposal, that highlights the heart of your organization and the effectiveness of your program, so your organization puts its best foot forward.

Gateway will:

  • Determine the requirements for the grant application

  • Gather information on your organization’s current program

  • Use that information to create a proposal that is aligned to the funder’s requirements

  • Create letters of inquiry to submit to funders, as needed

  • Edit an existing proposal for cohesion and alignment to the funder’s requirements



Does your organization have a grant calendar but lacks the personnel or time to maintain it?

Staying on top of new funding opportunities and tracking data about currently engaged funders are both crucial aspects of successful fundraising. Your organization needs to know about changes in due dates, expected response times, and new grant sources. Let Gateway take on this ongoing task of managing your grant calendar, gathering information from funders, and meeting important deadlines.

Gateway will:

  • Conduct research monthly to add new potential funders to the grant calendar

  • Record relevant funder-specific data that will inform fundraising strategies

  • Reach out to current and potential funders when needed for more information

  • Remind you to send out donor thank-you letters, if needed

  • Ensure due dates are accurate and proposals are submitted on time



Does your organization need guidance in other areas? Do you want a highly qualified grant consultant on your development team?

No topic is off limits, as we will answer questions and offer insights to help you improve every facet of your organization, from your Strategic Business Plan, to program budgets, to organizational structure.

Gateway will:

  • Offer professional advice in response to questions that fall outside the scope of our other services

  • Spend time learning the setup of your organization to provide the most accurate answers

  • Locate additional resources to assist you, including but not limited to webinars, instructional articles, and other professionals


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